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What is ECC? ECC Full Form?

I think that you didn’t know the full form of ECC. Today I’ll discuss about more of ECC. First of all, I’ll tell full form of ECC and ECC full form is English Conversation Club. This club have a big goal for all classes people who don’t English. And It’s amazing matter that the owner of the club is Chinmay Roy. He work hard for setting up this club to the world.

Recent Status Of ECC

After few days later we will try to develop a app for people. After launching our app people can learn easily just using this app. At the moment we have a Facebook group for teaching people. We have small area of people supporting to others people. But soon we will take dissension for increasing our employee list. So please bless for us/

For Joining to ECC

If you wish to join our club then you can visit our Facebook Group. No hidden charge for taking admission to our club. Because At the moment it’s free for all classes people. So you can join with us without any hassle mind. Because the ECC would not cheat you in future. So don’t late to join with us.

What should be you able to learn from ECC?

You may learn more about English as like speaking, writing and listening. And you can communicate with others using English just following easy method. And you can make friend circle on our platform. All in one package, because you can chat and you can learn from ecc.

Thank you so much. Best of luck.


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