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It is my first online class in my life. My online classes are a convenience for me. They allow me to take additional classes that would not have fit into my schedule otherwise.

I am not a traditional student, so I have non-traditional needs. Internet classes allow me to remain at home with my family. Taking Internet classes has many advantages for a non-traditional, and traditional student, such as: saving money, saving time, and most of all the convenience. Internet classes are the answer for many students with non-traditional needs.

In my experience with Internet classes, the good far outweigh the bad. Taking Internet classes has saved me money. If I were taking traditional classes, I would be spending about 240 BDT a week in car rental. The only expense that I incur with Internet classes is my MB charge, which is about 200 BDT a month. That means by taking Internet classes I am saving over 40 BDT a month.

Also, Internet classes save time, and saving time is important to me. For example, if I spend one hour a day working on my assignments, that means that I still have an extra hour of free time each day for searching new ideas.

Furthermore, I have learned just as much online as I would have in a traditional class. I do not have the interactions with the instructor and the classmates, but I can email my instructor or my classmates at anytime. Internet classes have the discussion board where my classmates and I can exchange comments and ideas about our papers online. I do not feel as though I am missing out on anything by taking online classes.

Actually, I am gaining much more that I am losing. For example, I involve my family in my Internet assignments, and I get ideas from them on assignments. I make a list like a survey, and question everyone on his or her ideas. This is a lot of fun, and it gives me ideas for my assignments. This is a learning experience for my whole family. And also, I am spending time with my family; which is difficult for a non-traditional student.

Finally, online classes fit my lifestyle, because I am not a traditional student. If given a choice I would take all of my classes through the Internet. Online classes have saved me money and time. Also, online classes allow me to be a part time student. It is very helpful for my digital life. Other than that my experience with online classes has been a rewarding, learning experience.


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