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What is programming?

A man can’t talk with another person without their native language. That means computer also can’t solve any problem without computer’s native language. And computer’s native language is different types of programming language. If you searched on google how many programming languages are in the world? Then you will be able to find out the number of language. A computer can’t do anything without program. When a programmer input something using a language then the programmer get successful result from the computer. Without language programmer can’t get any solutions or correct result from the computer. After that computer can’t do anything without program and programming language.

How to do select a language?

You know that computer is known 0 and 1. But man can’t understand 0 and 1 meaning, for these reason needed a common language which is programming language. If you build anything or solve any hard problem then first of all you need a language. Sometimes, some people were confused to selecting a language. Programming language selection fully depended on your mindset, that means if you set your mind want to be a programmer then select any popular language. Otherwise you can select a programming language just searching on google. But I’ve different advice for you, and it’s private from others and the advice is you need to find out which language is easier for you and your mind set? I think you will be able to find out a better and perfect language for your future life. After that you didn’t find any language then try to search on google and do more research which language is comfortable or easier for you. Again you were confuse then you can take help from a experienced programmer.

Career on Programming

Todays world are developing day by day just using technology. If you want to help people using technology. Then you need to learn more about technology. Some technology’s are created by programming. Without good programming knowledge, nobody can’t grow up. And I want to inform you that programming is useful for now and future. If you want to get more salary and permanent job then you should know computer programming.

How to develop a software?

You can develop a software just using program. If you aren’t a programmer then contact me then I’ll help you.

How to solve contest problem?

Try to hard from your mind. Otherwise you can take help from me

How to develop a web application?

It’s easier for a programmer. If you need any help then please contact them or to me.


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